A Fool For Lovers Lies

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Robert Barry Knox


A song about a girl in denial that she has been tossed aside from a relationship.


Streaming Arrangement and Lyrics 

A Fool For Lovers Lies

Lyrics, Music & Copyright 2008 Robert B. Knox dba House of Knox (ascap

 Verse I:  

 There’s never been a heartache like the one I’m feelin’ now. 

  There’s never been someone to hurt me like you know how. 

  There’s never been a teardrop that I haven’t cried. 

  You were the first one to cause the hurt I feel inside.                       

Verse II: 

 The first few days we spent some time you made my world so bright. 

 Those first nights we made love, you led me on with lovers lies. 

  All that time went by so fast, confusing me at times. 

  How was I to know I was, A Fool For Lovers Lies


Lovers lies kept me high on love and every night was fantasy. 

How was I to realize, a true love you’d never be? 

Verse III:  

I still dream about sweet night things and the nights we laid in love.

All that time you were my king, I was dazed and high on love.                       

Then one day you went away never telling me just why. 

 How was I to know I was, A Fool For Lovers Lies? 

Bridge II: 

My heart was young and love was good and your style tempted me. 

To young then to realize a true love you’d never be.  

Repeat Verse II & Bridge: 

Repeat Verse III: 

ending with:

How was I to know I was, A Fool For Lovers Lies. (repeat at random)