Goin' Back To Bayou Blue

R. Barry Knox
Robert Barry Knox


A song about someone that discovers that what he is searching for is actually back from where he started from.


Goin’ Back To Bayou Blue

Words, Music, and Copyright 2007 Robert B. Knox dba House of Knox (ASCAP)  

Lead in :  I’m Goin’ Back, Goin’ Back , Goin’ Back, Goin’ Back to Bayou Blue______(repeat twice)            

Verse 1:   

Oh, I’ve lived the city blues in Chicago, and played the river blues in St. Lou.   

I’ve sang the delta blues in Memphis. I never knew any blues back on Bayou Blue.                                 

Verse II:   

I had a young girl in Chicago, and an older girl in old St. Lou.   

I gave up the girls in Memphis, ‘cause my true love waits for me on Bayou Blue.   


I’m goin’ back, goin back to Bayou Blue. 

I’m goin back, goin’ back to Bayou Blue .  

Verse III:   

I’ve wasted much of life in Chicago and wasted all my time in old St. Lou.

 I’ve wasted all my money in Memphis. I never wasted much down on Bayou Blue.   

Verse IV:   

Now I won’t go back to Chicago, and I won’t go back  to old St. Lou.  

I won’t go back to Memphis, ‘cause I’m goin’ back, goin back to Bayou Blue.   


I’m goin’ back,  goin’ back to Bayou Blue.

I’m goin’ back,  goin’ back to Bayou Blue.

Repeat at random