Let's Ride

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R. Barry Knox & Paula Pena
Robert Barry Knox


This is a song about how a Biker expresses love, cycle to cycle, so Let's Ride!


Let’s Ride

 Lyrics, Music and Copyright 2015 Robert Barry Knox                                                          

Chorus lead in:

I want to know you baby, each mile we ride today. 

I want you to feel good, all along the way.

Let’s Ride, Let’s Ride.                       


Vocal Verse 1:  

You know I like you baby. You know how much I do.                          

I think you’re gonna like me too, it's all up to you.         

Don’t tease me baby, you know it’s not my style.                                  

Come here and tell me you wanna ride the mile.

Chorus:             as above

Vocal Verse II:   

I know you want to baby.  I make you want to live!

You say you want to rough it up, give all you have to give.

 Just remember baby, I do my thing with style.

 Every day, along the way, each and every mile.                         

Chorus:             as above

Vocal Verse III:  

Ride, ride, ride, show me what you’ve got.

If you want to give it, then give me all you’ve got.

 Just remember baby do what you do with style.

 If you want to ride with me you’ve gotta ride the mile.

Chorus 1

Verse IV:  

Ride, ride, ride, so much to see.

Day by day,  you and me.

But if the road should ever part.

No regrets, no aching hearts.

Chorus 2:

If you want too baby, each mile of every day.

If you want a taste of life all along the way.

Let’s ride, let’s ride, let‘s ride, let’s ride!