Seduction (duet)

R. Barry Knox & Paula Pena
Robert Barry Knox


As you listen to this song you might ask yourself, "who is seducing who"?



                     Lyrics, Music & Copyright 2009-2016 Robert B. Knox dba House of Knox (ascap)



Lead in Harmony bridge:                             S - e - d - u - c - t - i - o - n                         

Verse I:           What is that you say______________, romance makes you sad. 

                        You looked around, found nothing __, kind of made you mad.   

                        You’re wanting something new  ___ , more than a touch and kiss.  

                        Come a little closer  _____________,  and try some of this.                                      

Harmony bridge:                                          S - e – d - u - c – t - i - o - n.                                   

Verse II:          What is that you say______________, nothing makes you hot. 

                        You’ve tried all the vices __________, most you’ve forgot.            

                        You’re wanting something new _____, to put your mind at rest.      

                        Come a little closer  ______________, and try some of this.   

 Harmony bridge:                                          S - e - d - u - c - t - i - o - n. 

Verse III:        I feel your pulse and heart beat  _____, both begin to rise. 

                        Suddenly you feel alive  ___________, you took me by surprise. 

                        You whisper you want something  ___, you think now is the time.  

                        Let’s do the dance, and then decide ___, your place or mine? 

 Harmony bridge:                                         S - e - d - u - c – t - i - o- n !        

 Repeat at random