Sweet Peace of Mind

Music Avenue Band
Robert Barry Knox


Just a heart-breaker country shuffle to make you tear up when you least expect some.


Streaming Arrangement and Lyrics

Sweet Peace of Mind

Lyrics, Music and Copyright 1978-2016 by Robert B. Knox dba House of Knox (ascap)

Lyrics for male solo 

 Verse I:    

Tomorrow’s now in sight. Did you find a love tonight? 

The one you’re waiting for, is just outside the door.                                                

The things you thought you heard were not in my words.


Tonight will you find, Sweet Peace of Mind? 

Verse II:  

Night time is the time, that you need me more,                        

 Tenderness and warmth, each time like before.  

 Can I lay down by your side? Old memories will fly.        

 Tonight when we find Sweet Peace of Mind.                                                     



 Sweet peace of mind. Tonight with me you’ll find  

  That love can heal the scars and take us to the stars.

  A little love-in’ and some wine, so easy, all in time.

  Tonight when we find, Sweet Peace of Mind.   


 You know that I love you. And after all, we all have arguments

  like this at times.  But you know , I really didn’t mean what I said. 

  Can you please forgive me? Come on and open up that door and

  let me in. Because, you know, I still love you.   

Repeat at random