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 If you enjoy adventures in music,
grab a favorite beverage,
put on your best set of ear phones, 
then sit back, close your eyes -
and enjoy the fantasies of my musical adventures.

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Urbanville - 2017

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This compilation includes songs written, arranged and published by myself , and features vocals by myself, Don Garness, Carla Mayo, Paula Pena, Jessica Peters and accompanied by musicians Dalton Hagner on saxophone, David Bates on electric guitar, Dick Bailey on electric guitar, Don Garness on bass guitar, Douglas Stephens on piano, violin and horns; John Thomas, keyboards; Sonny Darin, harmonica; Tim Cook, steel guitar, Tommy Harrison, drums and Robert Barry Knox on guitars and synthesizers.

The cd song titles and song descriptions are: 

1. Big Mama (Jam
An up-tempo dance song about a man who appreciates a woman of weight and really know how to dance and the way it prompts an excited expression of love from the her lover (the singer) and a few of her line-dancing girl friends.
2. Let’s Ride (for a mile?)
Some rowdy music tracks and sound effects with an interesting story about the way a biker expresses his need for a companion’s love.
3. I’m Gonna Drink
A story song about a man lthat is lost in the night because Jamie (his love) has abandoned him. The song describes his search for her and what he does when he can’t find her. 
4. Gimmie All You Got 
A very fast moving Cabaret dance rhythm along with a suggestive lyrical story driven by a very powerful voice tracks that compliments the total presentation.
5. Sweet Lover 
A pop- styled song about a girl performer expressing her need of someone to be her lover. 
6. In A Night Of Love 
A love story song about a man’s experience with several attempts to establish a lasting relationship in love, his failure on three attempts, and why! And, then his fourth attempt to find a real and lasting love. 
7. Do What You’ve Gotta Do
A love-gone-wrong song that describes what any person has to do when everything else has failed in trying to make a relationship last. 
8. Goin’ Back To Bayou Blue
A song with a confessional , tell all lyrical story about a man’s search for happiness in the big city life and then  - his discovery that everything he has been searching for is back home on Bayou Blue.
9. A Devil In Disguise 
A Urban ballad describing a man’s nighttime search for love on a street in San Antonio and his intriguing encounter with a lady of the night on the street Malone, and wondering if she was is a Devil In Disguise.
10.Sweet Peace of Mind 
A traditional urban ballad about two lovers entangled in a troubled relationship and their emotional plea to heal the wounds and reconcile so they will have peace of mind. 
11. Dream On Little Dreamer
A mystical story about what how dreaming can bring about what the dream is about. 
12. I’m Feeling Something
A country high stepper ballad with a strong dancing rhythm and lyrical story that describes a man’s first encounter with feelings he does not know the meaning of.
13. Je’ne Don’t Tease Me 
A country waltz rhythm and a song story about a man’s attempt to understand the ways of a playful women he is in love with.
14. A Fool For Lovers Lies 
An intriguing lyrical story describing a young women’s first attempt to find love and what she discovered,  accompanied musically with a very fast and powerful rhythm foundation. 
15.Classy Country Lady
A country dual tempo'd ballad, the first in a slow introduction rhythm to the verse, then into a fast driving chorus, about a country gentleman describing his Classy Country Lady and the reasons why he loves her so much.
16. The Reason Why
A popular/country ballad about describing several reasons why a young man and women, after overcoming many obstacles, have fallen in love and the reason why.

All songs registered by Robert Barry Knox dba House of Knox with ASCAP.

2. Hanging Out


A CD full of musical adventures with various types of
vocal applications, unique sound effects, and looped fusions.

Individual downloads or the CD are available from this link
 or other Internet Music Stores. 

Musical adventures about life, love, kissing, fantasy, intrigue and pets.

1. Take A Chance.
An Coastal Blues styled adventure describing a big city office worker’s escape from a boring city life and his fantasy flight to the Island of Jamaica where he finds love and happiness.

2. In A Night Of Love.
A Caribbean styled adventure about three attempts at love by a man that have failed and his new attempt to find true love in a night of love.

3. The Kiss, Such A Kiss.
A Reggae Dance Hall styled adventure describing a search for the ultimate kiss.

4. There Comes Lucy.
An Euro-Rave fusion styled adventure describing a groupie’s pursuit of a rock star’s affection at the back door of a musical event.

5. Lonely Lady.  
A Futuristic-Pop fusion styled adventure, with special vocal applications and effects, about an abandoned young bride on her wedding day and her continuing search for someone new in the night life of the city.

6. Hanging Out.  
A Futuristic-Blues fusion styled adventure, with unusual vocal and sound effects, about the events of an evening hanging out which lead to a private place and a friendly face.

7. It’s All Good. 
A new Ska and Blues fusion styled adventure that describes a man’s reflections about a day in his life and the reasons why he thinks he is blessed.

8. Out and About. 
A new R. Barry’s Blues styled song, with special voices and sound effects, about a man describing what is happening with him, his girlfriend and their pets when they are out and about.

9. A Key To Stepping.  
A new R. Barry’s Up-town Blues fusion styled adventure with a mysterious lyric story of a young man’s steppin’ to a cougar-club owner, and then!

10. The Bartender’s Song.  
A drinking adventure about the bartender, the patrons, lots of drinking, ego challenges, competition of who can drink the most and a lot of chug-a-lugs by the patrons.

All song registered with ASCAP. 

1. Music In The Pocket - 2015 Remastered


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Ten adventures about life, love, fantasy and fun, individually written,
performed and produced 
by R. Barry Knox and musically
accompanied by Paula Pena and Doug Stephens.

1. Let’s Take A Ride Tonight.
A very danceable Country-Dixie Land fusion adventure about a man, his truck, a beautiful night and a lucky lady.

 2. Pretend (you still love me).
A Pop-New Orleans styled musical adventure, accented with some Bourbon Street Brass Band sound, about a lover’s plea for his significant other to give him one more chance in their troubled relationship.

 3. Miss Dolly Du.
A Theatrical styled adventure, with a lot of multiple horns and keyboards, about a street performer’s love for a girl of the street and his need to obtain money to pay her for her time.

 4. Touching You With Love. 
An amorous adventure, surrounded by complimentary instrumentation and rhythms, with a lyrical story of touching someone with a passionate kind of love.

 5. Goin’ Back To Bayou Blue.
A Contemporary Blues adventure with a tell-all lyrical story, accompanied with a dynamic touch of blues instrumentation, about a man’s search for happiness in the big city life and then discovering that everything he is searching for is back home on Bayou Blue.

 6. I Have A Story ( all about love).
A Theatrical Show adventure, with a throbbing and pulsating rhythm, of a man describing his experience with love but discovering in the end that it was not love he thought he had found.

 7. Lonely Lady (your memories live on). 
A Las Vegas Venue adventure, full of the dynamic Las Vegas sound accenting the lyrical revelation about how a jilted-bride-to-be attempts to find a new lover in the night life of the city.

 8. Feeling Love (for you).
A Latin Ballroom adventure with the big Latin Band instrumentation, surrounding the lyrical story describing the feeling about loving someone very special.

9. A Lady Called Pancho.
A Latin styled ballad adventure, full of the California Latin sound and a very descriptive tell-it-all lyrical story, about the most famous madam and female aviator in the early years of aviation in California.

 10. A Party Song.
A up-tempo invitation to an party adventure where you are welcome to come, enjoy all of the party treats, the entertainment and fun at the party.

 All songs registred with ASCAP.

3. Bayou To Broadway




A CD full of my musical adventures along the Bayous of
the Music Avenues and Broadways of Dallas,
Philadelphia, Chicago, Saint Louis, San Francisco, New York.

Individual downloads or the CD are available from this link
 or other Internet Music Stores. 

Descriptions of eleven adventures about living life, making love, 
innocent deception or just having fun.

1. Way Down (on the Bayou).
A Cajun-Pop styled adventure about a young man describing his life with friends on the Bayou near Houma, Louisiana where the good times roll at a place called Rock And Roll.

2. Right Back To You.  
A Coastal-Blues styled adventure about two lovers describing what they will do to each other in a night of love in San Francisco.

 3. The Loneliness of The Night.  
A Pop styled adventure describing the search for a lost lover in Chicago near the midnight hour.

 4. The Kiss, Such A Kiss. 
A Reggae Dance Hall styled adventure about a search for the ultimate kiss of someone on an Island in the Caribbean 

5. My World. 
A Pop styled ballad adventure describing the reason why an individual loves someone near New York City.

6. Yes I Do. 
An emotional ballad adventure that describes why someone loves and needs someone from my hometown.

 7. Dancin’ Country Funky. 
An Urban-Country dance adventure about a man and his encounter with a hot and wild dancing country girl around Austin, Texas

 8. So Confused.
A Country-Pop styled adventure about someone that has been jilted in a relationship and then appears confused as to what he should do next in Bakersfield, California.

9. Miss Boudreaux. 
A Cajun-Creole styled ballad adventure about a young man enticing a bayou girl to love him in the Cajun style of the Bayou Culture of Houma, Louisiana.

10. This Must Be Love.  
A Coastal-Blues ballad adventure with some strong vocal expressions about what love must be when you find it in Santa Monica, California.

11. Only Lovers Do (an act one song). 
A Theatrical styled stage adventure in Philadelphia and lyrical explanation of why two lovers think their affair is secret.

All songs registered with ASCAP. 




4. Rough Cuts

This newly remastered twelve song compilation contains some of my unfinished analog recordings in various genres that I recorded between 1996 and 1998 in my project studio in Quartz Hill, California. These songs were recorded on an TASCAM M38 - eight track recorded and mixed through a CARVIN 16 channel mixer through various audio processors onto analog tape in a TASCAM M32 recorder. Because of recording projects with higher priorities I was unable to complete the final productions. At a later time I   remastered the tracks as they were with new technology and release them as this CD. 

This remastered copy contains the following songs.

1. Blue Moon Blues.
A fast driving rhythm and lyrical story describing a vendor of emotions just outside the gates of a prison for rejected lovers.

2. What A Body.
A up-tempo pop styled song about the observations of a male singer regarding a hot young lady dancing to his music.

3. Sweet Lover.
A pop styled song about a performer’s invitation to an attractive girl to hang with him after the show.

4. Big Mama.
An up-tempo line-dance country styled song about a woman of weight dancing the night away and prompting a response from the singer and her line-dancing friends.

5. Touching You With Love. 
A costal blues type song describing how two lovers touch each other with love.

6. Lovers Lies.
A pop styled song describing two young lover’s affair and the lies they tell each other in a night of love.

7. Memories In The Wine.
An pop styled ballad and lyrical story describing an inebriated man’s illusions of a lover he encounters each night rom his nightly bottle of wine.

8. A Devil In Disguise.
An urban ballad of a man describing his search for love and his encounter with a lady of the street he meets late one night in San Antone.

9. Right From The Start.
A Caribbean styled song about a lover’s discovery that his lover is playing games with his mind and heart.

10. So Have I.
A wine café styled song about the chance meeting of two people with similar feelings about the hardships of love and life and the moments they share.

11. You’re Everything.
A moody blues type song about the singer’s expression of love for a very special person in his life.

12. Can We Love?
An emotional ballad about a lover’s plea to be loved all the way.

All songs written, arranged, performed and published by Robert Barry Knox dba House of Knox, an ASCAP member.

 This remastered issue will be available July 1, 2018 from Cdbaby and most music retailers on the Internet. 


5. Trying To Get The Most Out Of Life



This remastered compilation cd contains twelve of my favorite songs that I recorded from 1990 to 1998 in my studio in Quartz Hill, California near Los Angeles. These recordings reflect various recording styles, techniques and sounds I was experimenting with at that time. With the help of some good friends and the best musicians in the high desert of Los Angeles I was able to finish the songs. I give my best "thank you" to them for all of their help with their the instrumentation and creative suggestions that enhanced my creative endeavors and motivation. 

This compilation issue contains the following songs
and song descriptions. 

 1. Do You Know
An up-tempo urban rock-a-billy styled song about the singer’s feelings of love for an admirer. 

2. Sheila, Shame On You.
A wild song about a swamp girl that dances in such a seductive way that she creates astonishment and shock.

3. Bad And Naughty Saturday Night.
A country rocker’s song describing his readiness for the physical action of the night somewhere along 6th street in Austin, Texas.

4. Fun Lovin’ Fool.
A fast moving country dance song about a drunken and fun lovin’ fool that had been seduced into marriage and sadly he cannot remember how it happened.

5.Trying To Get The Most Out of Life.
A philosophical ballad that describes a few perspectives about life and people.

6. The Reason Why.
A love ballad expressing the reasons why a young man and women have fallen in love.

7. Classy County Lady.
A country ballad with an up-tempo chorus about a country gentleman describing his classy country lady and the reasons why he loves her so much.

8. Each Time.
An emotional urban/lounge blues type of song about a man describing why he has lost someone he loves and the reason he will never win her back.

9. Sweet Peace of Mind.
An traditional urban-country styled ballad about two lovers entangled in a troubled relationship and their emotional plea to heal the wounds and reconcile so they will have peace of mind.

10. Everyone Needs A Song To Sing.
A song suggesting that everyone needs a song to relieve the stress or conflict at some time in their life.

 All songs registered with ASCAP.

This remastered copy will be available July 1, 2018 from CDBABY  
and most music retailers on the Internet. 

Image by John Hagner, Hollywood, California.,

 Autographed  Autographed image, in frame, of R. Barry Knox aka Shon’Soro, drawn by John Hagner, Hollywood, California. $100.00 plus tax available through PayPal.