1. Music In The Pocket - 2015 Remastered


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Ten adventures about life, love, fantasy and fun, individually written,
performed and produced 
by R. Barry Knox and musically
accompanied by Paula Pena and Doug Stephens.

1. Let’s Take A Ride Tonight.
A very danceable Country-Dixie Land fusion adventure about a man, his truck, a beautiful night and a lucky lady.

 2. Pretend (you still love me).
A Pop-New Orleans styled musical adventure, accented with some Bourbon Street Brass Band sound, about a lover’s plea for his significant other to give him one more chance in their troubled relationship.

 3. Miss Dolly Du.
A Theatrical styled adventure, with a lot of multiple horns and keyboards, about a street performer’s love for a girl of the street and his need to obtain money to pay her for her time.

 4. Touching You With Love. 
An amorous adventure, surrounded by complimentary instrumentation and rhythms, with a lyrical story of touching someone with a passionate kind of love.

 5. Goin’ Back To Bayou Blue.
A Contemporary Blues adventure with a tell-all lyrical story, accompanied with a dynamic touch of blues instrumentation, about a man’s search for happiness in the big city life and then discovering that everything he is searching for is back home on Bayou Blue.

 6. I Have A Story ( all about love).
A Theatrical Show adventure, with a throbbing and pulsating rhythm, of a man describing his experience with love but discovering in the end that it was not love he thought he had found.

 7. Lonely Lady (your memories live on). 
A Las Vegas Venue adventure, full of the dynamic Las Vegas sound accenting the lyrical revelation about how a jilted-bride-to-be attempts to find a new lover in the night life of the city.

 8. Feeling Love (for you).
A Latin Ballroom adventure with the big Latin Band instrumentation, surrounding the lyrical story describing the feeling about loving someone very special.

9. A Lady Called Pancho.
A Latin styled ballad adventure, full of the California Latin sound and a very descriptive tell-it-all lyrical story, about the most famous madam and female aviator in the early years of aviation in California.

 10. A Party Song.
A up-tempo invitation to an party adventure where you are welcome to come, enjoy all of the party treats, the entertainment and fun at the party.

 All songs registred with ASCAP.