2. Hanging Out


A CD full of musical adventures with various types of
vocal applications, unique sound effects, and looped fusions.

Individual downloads or the CD are available from this link
 or other Internet Music Stores. 

Musical adventures about life, love, kissing, fantasy, intrigue and pets.

1. Take A Chance.
An Coastal Blues styled adventure describing a big city office worker’s escape from a boring city life and his fantasy flight to the Island of Jamaica where he finds love and happiness.

2. In A Night Of Love.
A Caribbean styled adventure about three attempts at love by a man that have failed and his new attempt to find true love in a night of love.

3. The Kiss, Such A Kiss.
A Reggae Dance Hall styled adventure describing a search for the ultimate kiss.

4. There Comes Lucy.
An Euro-Rave fusion styled adventure describing a groupie’s pursuit of a rock star’s affection at the back door of a musical event.

5. Lonely Lady.  
A Futuristic-Pop fusion styled adventure, with special vocal applications and effects, about an abandoned young bride on her wedding day and her continuing search for someone new in the night life of the city.

6. Hanging Out.  
A Futuristic-Blues fusion styled adventure, with unusual vocal and sound effects, about the events of an evening hanging out which lead to a private place and a friendly face.

7. It’s All Good. 
A new Ska and Blues fusion styled adventure that describes a man’s reflections about a day in his life and the reasons why he thinks he is blessed.

8. Out and About. 
A new R. Barry’s Blues styled song, with special voices and sound effects, about a man describing what is happening with him, his girlfriend and their pets when they are out and about.

9. A Key To Stepping.  
A new R. Barry’s Up-town Blues fusion styled adventure with a mysterious lyric story of a young man’s steppin’ to a cougar-club owner, and then!

10. The Bartender’s Song.  
A drinking adventure about the bartender, the patrons, lots of drinking, ego challenges, competition of who can drink the most and a lot of chug-a-lugs by the patrons.

All song registered with ASCAP.