3. Bayou To Broadway




A CD full of my musical adventures along the Bayous of
the Music Avenues and Broadways of Dallas,
Philadelphia, Chicago, Saint Louis, San Francisco, New York.

Individual downloads or the CD are available from this link
 or other Internet Music Stores. 

Descriptions of eleven adventures about living life, making love, 
innocent deception or just having fun.

1. Way Down (on the Bayou).
A Cajun-Pop styled adventure about a young man describing his life with friends on the Bayou near Houma, Louisiana where the good times roll at a place called Rock And Roll.

2. Right Back To You.  
A Coastal-Blues styled adventure about two lovers describing what they will do to each other in a night of love in San Francisco.

 3. The Loneliness of The Night.  
A Pop styled adventure describing the search for a lost lover in Chicago near the midnight hour.

 4. The Kiss, Such A Kiss. 
A Reggae Dance Hall styled adventure about a search for the ultimate kiss of someone on an Island in the Caribbean 

5. My World. 
A Pop styled ballad adventure describing the reason why an individual loves someone near New York City.

6. Yes I Do. 
An emotional ballad adventure that describes why someone loves and needs someone from my hometown.

 7. Dancin’ Country Funky. 
An Urban-Country dance adventure about a man and his encounter with a hot and wild dancing country girl around Austin, Texas

 8. So Confused.
A Country-Pop styled adventure about someone that has been jilted in a relationship and then appears confused as to what he should do next in Bakersfield, California.

9. Miss Boudreaux. 
A Cajun-Creole styled ballad adventure about a young man enticing a bayou girl to love him in the Cajun style of the Bayou Culture of Houma, Louisiana.

10. This Must Be Love.  
A Coastal-Blues ballad adventure with some strong vocal expressions about what love must be when you find it in Santa Monica, California.

11. Only Lovers Do (an act one song). 
A Theatrical styled stage adventure in Philadelphia and lyrical explanation of why two lovers think their affair is secret.

All songs registered with ASCAP.