4. Rough Cuts

This newly remastered twelve song compilation contains some of my unfinished analog recordings in various genres that I recorded between 1996 and 1998 in my project studio in Quartz Hill, California. These songs were recorded on an TASCAM M38 - eight track recorded and mixed through a CARVIN 16 channel mixer through various audio processors onto analog tape in a TASCAM M32 recorder. Because of recording projects with higher priorities I was unable to complete the final productions. At a later time I   remastered the tracks as they were with new technology and release them as this CD. 

This remastered copy contains the following songs.

1. Blue Moon Blues.
A fast driving rhythm and lyrical story describing a vendor of emotions just outside the gates of a prison for rejected lovers.

2. What A Body.
A up-tempo pop styled song about the observations of a male singer regarding a hot young lady dancing to his music.

3. Sweet Lover.
A pop styled song about a performer’s invitation to an attractive girl to hang with him after the show.

4. Big Mama.
An up-tempo line-dance country styled song about a woman of weight dancing the night away and prompting a response from the singer and her line-dancing friends.

5. Touching You With Love. 
A costal blues type song describing how two lovers touch each other with love.

6. Lovers Lies.
A pop styled song describing two young lover’s affair and the lies they tell each other in a night of love.

7. Memories In The Wine.
An pop styled ballad and lyrical story describing an inebriated man’s illusions of a lover he encounters each night rom his nightly bottle of wine.

8. A Devil In Disguise.
An urban ballad of a man describing his search for love and his encounter with a lady of the street he meets late one night in San Antone.

9. Right From The Start.
A Caribbean styled song about a lover’s discovery that his lover is playing games with his mind and heart.

10. So Have I.
A wine café styled song about the chance meeting of two people with similar feelings about the hardships of love and life and the moments they share.

11. You’re Everything.
A moody blues type song about the singer’s expression of love for a very special person in his life.

12. Can We Love?
An emotional ballad about a lover’s plea to be loved all the way.

All songs written, arranged, performed and published by Robert Barry Knox dba House of Knox, an ASCAP member.

 This remastered issue will be available July 1, 2018 from Cdbaby and most music retailers on the Internet.