5. Trying To Get The Most Out Of Life



This remastered compilation cd contains twelve of my favorite songs that I recorded from 1990 to 1998 in my studio in Quartz Hill, California near Los Angeles. These recordings reflect various recording styles, techniques and sounds I was experimenting with at that time. With the help of some good friends and the best musicians in the high desert of Los Angeles I was able to finish the songs. I give my best "thank you" to them for all of their help with their the instrumentation and creative suggestions that enhanced my creative endeavors and motivation. 

This compilation issue contains the following songs
and song descriptions. 

 1. Do You Know
An up-tempo urban rock-a-billy styled song about the singer’s feelings of love for an admirer. 

2. Sheila, Shame On You.
A wild song about a swamp girl that dances in such a seductive way that she creates astonishment and shock.

3. Bad And Naughty Saturday Night.
A country rocker’s song describing his readiness for the physical action of the night somewhere along 6th street in Austin, Texas.

4. Fun Lovin’ Fool.
A fast moving country dance song about a drunken and fun lovin’ fool that had been seduced into marriage and sadly he cannot remember how it happened.

5.Trying To Get The Most Out of Life.
A philosophical ballad that describes a few perspectives about life and people.

6. The Reason Why.
A love ballad expressing the reasons why a young man and women have fallen in love.

7. Classy County Lady.
A country ballad with an up-tempo chorus about a country gentleman describing his classy country lady and the reasons why he loves her so much.

8. Each Time.
An emotional urban/lounge blues type of song about a man describing why he has lost someone he loves and the reason he will never win her back.

9. Sweet Peace of Mind.
An traditional urban-country styled ballad about two lovers entangled in a troubled relationship and their emotional plea to heal the wounds and reconcile so they will have peace of mind.

10. Everyone Needs A Song To Sing.
A song suggesting that everyone needs a song to relieve the stress or conflict at some time in their life.

 All songs registered with ASCAP.

This remastered copy will be available July 1, 2018 from CDBABY  
and most music retailers on the Internet.