Urbanville - 2017

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This compilation includes songs written, arranged and published by myself , and features vocals by myself, Don Garness, Carla Mayo, Paula Pena, Jessica Peters and accompanied by musicians Dalton Hagner on saxophone, David Bates on electric guitar, Dick Bailey on electric guitar, Don Garness on bass guitar, Douglas Stephens on piano, violin and horns; John Thomas, keyboards; Sonny Darin, harmonica; Tim Cook, steel guitar, Tommy Harrison, drums and Robert Barry Knox on guitars and synthesizers.

The cd song titles and song descriptions are: 

1. Big Mama (Jam
An up-tempo dance song about a man who appreciates a woman of weight and really know how to dance and the way it prompts an excited expression of love from the her lover (the singer) and a few of her line-dancing girl friends.
2. Let’s Ride (for a mile?)
Some rowdy music tracks and sound effects with an interesting story about the way a biker expresses his need for a companion’s love.
3. I’m Gonna Drink
A story song about a man lthat is lost in the night because Jamie (his love) has abandoned him. The song describes his search for her and what he does when he can’t find her. 
4. Gimmie All You Got 
A very fast moving Cabaret dance rhythm along with a suggestive lyrical story driven by a very powerful voice tracks that compliments the total presentation.
5. Sweet Lover 
A pop- styled song about a girl performer expressing her need of someone to be her lover. 
6. In A Night Of Love 
A love story song about a man’s experience with several attempts to establish a lasting relationship in love, his failure on three attempts, and why! And, then his fourth attempt to find a real and lasting love. 
7. Do What You’ve Gotta Do
A love-gone-wrong song that describes what any person has to do when everything else has failed in trying to make a relationship last. 
8. Goin’ Back To Bayou Blue
A song with a confessional , tell all lyrical story about a man’s search for happiness in the big city life and then  - his discovery that everything he has been searching for is back home on Bayou Blue.
9. A Devil In Disguise 
A Urban ballad describing a man’s nighttime search for love on a street in San Antonio and his intriguing encounter with a lady of the night on the street Malone, and wondering if she was is a Devil In Disguise.
10.Sweet Peace of Mind 
A traditional urban ballad about two lovers entangled in a troubled relationship and their emotional plea to heal the wounds and reconcile so they will have peace of mind. 
11. Dream On Little Dreamer
A mystical story about what how dreaming can bring about what the dream is about. 
12. I’m Feeling Something
A country high stepper ballad with a strong dancing rhythm and lyrical story that describes a man’s first encounter with feelings he does not know the meaning of.
13. Je’ne Don’t Tease Me 
A country waltz rhythm and a song story about a man’s attempt to understand the ways of a playful women he is in love with.
14. A Fool For Lovers Lies 
An intriguing lyrical story describing a young women’s first attempt to find love and what she discovered,  accompanied musically with a very fast and powerful rhythm foundation. 
15.Classy Country Lady
A country dual tempo'd ballad, the first in a slow introduction rhythm to the verse, then into a fast driving chorus, about a country gentleman describing his Classy Country Lady and the reasons why he loves her so much.
16. The Reason Why
A popular/country ballad about describing several reasons why a young man and women, after overcoming many obstacles, have fallen in love and the reason why.

All songs registered by Robert Barry Knox dba House of Knox with ASCAP.